The Maternal healthcare markets Evaluation Team at the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine is conducting multidisciplinary research on the role of public and private health sectors in delivering maternal healthcare.  MET is led by Dr Caroline Lynch and Dr Catherine Goodman. They are supported by a Scientific and Policy Advisor, Dr Veronique Filippi, and guided by a Steering Committee made up of Prof Anne Mills, Prof Mark Petticrew, Prof Simon Cousens and Prof Joanna Schellenberg.

We expect our findings to have important implications locally, nationally and globally as governments and key stakeholders around the world consider how to integrate private providers into their strategies for achieving universal health coverage.  Results will be released throughout 2015-2017, both in formal peer-reviewed publications and through conference presentations, dissemination workshops and white papers.

What are we doing?

  • MET-LSHTM are generating robust evidence on the use, quality, equity and market dynamics of private maternal health services
  • MET is also investigating whether interventions such as social franchising can increase access to lifesaving care for women.
  • Our research will help to answer questions on how to improve the affordability and quality of both private and public maternal health services, including how and why interventions work, whether they are cost-effective, how likely they are to be sustainable and their potential impact on maternal mortality, if implemented at scale.

Why is such robust, high-quality evaluation necessary?

  • To strengthen the evidence base for the Maternal and Reproductive Health field
  • To generate evidence that can be used by decision-makers in their development of strategic plans and policies
  • To strengthen programs and partners through lesson learning

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