Three new policy and research briefs published

21 March 2018 

MET has just published three new policy and research briefs presenting results of our research in India and Uganda.


Quality of care during childbirth in Uttar Pradesh, India presents the results of a study by Dr Gaurav Sharma and colleagues that used clinical observations to describe and investigate the quality of care provided routinely, for uncomplicated labour and childbirth, in public and private maternity facilities in Uttar Pradesh, India.








How do private facilities compete for maternity cases? describes the Nature of Competition study, investigating the market structure for maternal healthcare, in terms of number and types of providers, their characteristics and market shares; and private provider conduct in terms of their competitive strategies in relation to price setting, non-price competition, integration and collaboration.





How equitable is social franchising? presents results of our Social Franchising Case Studies, which assessed, among other things, the socio- economic profile of clients of three maternal health social franchises: the ProFam network in Uganda, the Merrygold network in Rajasthan, India, and the Sky network in Uttar Pradesh, India.

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