Suhail Shiekh

Quantitative Research Assistant

Suhail Shiekh is a Quantitative Research Assistant. He has an MSc in Public Health in Developing Countries from LSHTM and with a strong focus on Epidemiology, Statistics, and Health Economics. He has also completed an MBA in Hospital and Health Management with a specialisation in Health Management.

Prior to this project he was involved with three national health facility surveys and a nationally representative household survey (~15,000 households) in managerial and analytical roles at Johns Hopkins University’s Afghanistan office as part of the third-party Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Assistance for the World Bank’s Strengthening Health Activities for the Rural Poor (META-SHARP) project. He assessed the performance of the health services in the country annually. He was also involved in the Special DHS conducted in Afghanistan in 2010 (~24,000 households) in a survey management role.

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